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Irrigation and Plant Nutrition Solutions

TriEst Irrigation and the people behind it have been providing irrigation and fertigation solutions to growers throughout the Southeastern US as well as other parts of the world for nearly 30 years. 


At TriEst Irrigation, we do more than just sell irrigation supplies, we provide growers with irrigation and fertigation solutions because each grower’s situation can be unique due to the crop, the soil, the water supply or their goals and objectives. 


TriEst Irrigation has a knowledgeable outside sales staff that works with our dedicated design team to help growers choose the right irrigation products and the type of system that will best suit their needs. 


We currently have 8 locations throughout the Southeastern US which carry a large selection of brand name irrigation supplies. 


Through our Technology division we offer a wide range of automation and soil moisture monitoring packages to ensure that water and fertilizer are delivered to the plants at the right time and in the right quantities.


Irrigation and Agronomic Experts

TriEst Irrigation takes a comprehensive approach to providing solutions for the agriculture industry, specifically for commercial vegetable, nursery, blueberry, strawberry, orchard/grove, row crops, and greenhouse growers.

While we offer a wide variety of drip, sprinkler, and pivot irrigation, we also offer a large selection of frost protection, travelers, and fertigation equipment  products. We can also design, create, install, and maintain complete irrigation and fertigation solutions based on your needs.

We have an experienced team of designers, engineers, and servicemen who can oversee the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of your irrigation system. We have built customized irrigation and fertigation systems for clients all over the Southeast and strive to combine the correct irrigation system, fertigation control equipment, plant nutrition, and management systems to help make your yield higher than ever before.

Our company offers plant nutrition options ranging from a fertigation-grade liquid fertilizer and foliar nutrition to the more traditional dry fertilizer. We have agronomists and knowledgeable staff who can offer our valued customers complete nutritional programs based on their operation, crop, and goals.

TriEst Irrigation has been meeting the irrigation and plant nutrition needs of the Southeast region of the United States (South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee) for over 30 years and adhere to the goal of making our growers the most productive in their respective markets. Please take time to browse our irrigation and plant nutrition products and learn more about our services. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your unique needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.